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Copyright Matters
Copyright notices, how you are permitted to use our content, and rights of authors who submit their work for publication here.
Our Privacy Policy
Privacy when viewing our pages, when using public information areas, and when accessing content provided by others.
Terms of Service
What you may access on this site and expectations about your conduct, linking to our site, and framing of our content.

Cookies & Privacy Policy

Cookies. This site does not currently place "cookies" on your computer for any purpose. If we ever do employ cookies in future, you will be notified of that fact as soon as you access the relevant LWCA page or service, and the cookies will contain no personal data about you. Remember that if you follow links that take you to pages not on the server, those other providers may have different policies.

Privacy. We value the privacy of both our member and non-member readers, and apply the same policies to both. We want you to enjoy our service, so we provide this information to help you avoid any unwanted surprises during your online visit. Issues which affect your privacy here can be broken down into three categories: [1] your general viewing of this site, [2] your use of public information areas like the Message Board, and [3] what happens when you leave this site.

1. General Access to This Site. We do not require you to register or provide any personal information to read ordinary, publicly available pages at this site. The LWCA servers do not place or modify cookies on your computer when you read such a page, nor do we regularly track what pages any individual user visits. However:
      • Registration. We do require registration for some specific services. We do not sell or share your e-mail address or any other information you give us as part of the registration process. We will direct your attention to any additional policies applicable to these services at the point of registration.
      • Log Files. We place no cookies, tracking or otherwise, on your computer. Be aware, though, that our servers do record certain basic log files that are common to all Web sites. These contain no personal information, and we use these logs only to evaluate popularity of our various pages or identify problems users may have in accessing pages. Because information in these log files also relates to the operational integrity of the site, we do not make some services available if your browser or security software refuses to transmit all customary types of header information with your request to the server! If you attempt to post to the LW Message Board, for example, blocking information about your browser version or the URL of the page from which you are posting will result in your request not being processed. Make this a Trusted Site in your Internet security settings if you wish to post on the Message Board or use similar tools here.
      • Third Parties. Advertisers with banners on our pages, or third parties who may at various times serve content to our pages, are not bound by our internal policies. If you are concerned about them having access to cookies on your computer, most modern browsers provide a setting to let you block third-party cookies.

2. Public Information Areas of This Site. If you use the Longwave Message Board; if you send a listing for a LowFER, MedFER, or HiFER beacon; if you submit an article, picture, sound clip or other content for publication; or if you use any other service we may in future provide for the express purpose of exchanging information with other readers; then whatever information you voluntarily provide to be viewed by the public is stored on our server.
      Since we cannot prevent so-called robots and webcrawlers from gleaning information you choose to post in public information areas, you should always exercise discretion regarding how much personal information you divulge online. It's much the same principle as an office bulletin board. Be selective...don't post anything in a public area that you wouldn't want others to see.
      Posts by users in public information areas may be reproduced elsewhere on the LWCA Web site or in our print publications. In addition, emails to the Webmaster are considered the same as letters to the editor, and also may be published online or in print. However, if you ask that some or all of a message to the Webmaster not be published, we will try our best to honor that request.

3. Linked Content From Elsewhere. Our pages contain links to other Web sites to which you may jump directly, and may sometimes incorporate content fed to our site by other providers. Any time you follow a link which takes you to a page not residing on the or servers, our own privacy policies no longer apply. You should therefore review those other sites' privacy policies when you visit them.

Note: Notwithstanding any provisions of the LWCA Privacy Policy, our hosting provider reserves the right to investigate and deal with attempts to compromise the server's integrity, and may assist authorities investigating violations of law.



All material at the Longwave Club of America site (whether .org or .net) is ©1995-2023 by John Harrold Davis unless otherwise stated on individual pages; and/or by authors who are identified on individual pages; and/or by others whose work is quoted briefly under provisions of fair use, whether copyright is explicitly asserted or not. In some cases, multiple ownership may apply. Wherever one of our documents identifies its author by name, the text of the page and the author's original graphics are the intellectual property of that author; while all aspects of the HTML implementation, including scripts, active controls, style sheets, Web page layout, and any graphics added by us, are property of John Davis and LWCA. You should assume that all rights are reserved by their respective owners, unless the document in question explicitly includes a Creative Commons or similar type of license declaration.

Among The Rights We Explicitly Assert On Our Content:

  • Contents of this site MUST NOT be mirrored on another server, nor distributed in electronic form, without express written consent of the LWCA Webmaster. (If you had permission to re-post some specific content in the past, that does NOT give you permission to redistribute any other, additional content from this site!)
  • Our material MUST NOT be framed on any other site--ever! See additional discussion of links and frames below.
  • Republication or redistribution of material from this site in any form requires permission of the individual author, and also our permission if any LWCA files, code, or illustrations are used.

This is not an all-inclusive list. For permission to redistribute, or to report possible intellectual property concerns with material at this site, please write to the webmaster at the address at the bottom of this page.

READERS. You may use documents and files at this site without charge and without prior permission, only under the following terms:

1. Your own use. All material you can access from this site by legitimate means (see "Access," below) may be used for your own personal, non-commercial purposes. This explicitly does not extend to distributing our content on the Web or in other media! Our written permission is required for reproduction or redistribution.
2. Sharing with others. Single copies of most documents or files may be distributed to other private individuals on a person-to-person basis at no charge (but not from a file server, peer sharing arrangement, BBS, social media posting, or other publicly accessible source, without permission). However, there are stricter requirements for particular pages. Where additional restrictions apply, such terms will be stated in the introduction to each such document, or will be linked therefrom. Please note that any content you access via links to other sites, not stored on LWCA servers, is the intellectual property of other parties and is subject to their terms of service.

AUTHORS. This is a site for sharing useful information and services with our fellow hobbyists. When you submit an article or other content for publication at this Web site or in any Longwave Club of America print publication, such as The LOWDOWN, you are giving us your permission to use it, but you retain the copyright to your original work. The following license terms apply, unless you and we mutually agree in writing to some other terms in advance:

    1. Grant of perpetual, non-exclusive license. By voluntarily submitting original articles, images, software, sound recordings, computer files or other content to this Web site, you thereby signify that you grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the same. This means we have your permission to display, reproduce and/or distribute your submitted material on our Web site and through our print publications, and to make editorial alterations, adaptations, or our own derivative works on behalf of LWCA and this site, in perpetuity.
    2. Our rights under this license are limited:
        (a) we are not in any manner permitted to sell or sub-license copyright in your work to any other entity;
        (b) we are not authorized to collect royalties on your work, either on our own behalf or yours, from any third party;
        (c) we have no proprietary rights to derivative works that you may hereafter create from any content you have licensed to us;
        (d) we shall not prevent you from publishing the work you have licensed to us in another form, elsewhere, on a non-exclusive basis, provided only that you protect our non-exclusive license in doing so.
    3. We retain rights to all our HTML code, along with any illustrations, additional computer files, or other content that we may create in order to display and/or accompany your original work. We are normally glad to share our files with the original author. However, please ask first before "borrowing" any files used in the display of your article, so that we will know their use was authorized by you, and so we can arrange for suitable credit to be given. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld.


Other Terms of Service

Access. This site contains many documents and other files intended for public use, and others which are for internal use, and some which exist solely for benefit of LWCA members or other groups.

  • You may view the contents of any file which is not hidden or password protected.
  • You may access password protected content if you have been given the password by authorized LWCA staff. It is a violation of these Terms of Service to otherwise attempt to list or view any hidden or password protected content on this server; to attempt to modify any content of this site in any way whatsoever; or, to attempt to issue commands to be processed by the server.
  • Some of our content areas are subject to additional rules of conduct, such as the LW Message Board and e-mail group posting policies. Such rules are available through links on the affected pages.

Links. Anyone with a Web page is welcome to link to our home page, and to most other pages of our site, under these conditions:

  • If you link to any part of our site other than the home page, please DO check the link(s) periodically, so your readers will not be disappointed if we move the page or discontinue it.
  • You may NOT link to the LW Lobby page, nor to any page which contains a form to search the contents of this site.
  • You may NOT link to any page on our site that requires a username or password to access.
  • You may NOT imply the LWCA's endorsement of any product, nor of your site.

Frames. You shall NOT place our pages in frames, ever, under any circumstance! This is a practice for which we previously gave permission on a case-by-case basis, but it has continued to be abused and the requirement for permission has been blatantly disregarded. Therefore, all permission for frames was revoked early in 2007, per our previously reserved right to do so. If your site has any of our content framed, you are expected to remove it promptly. You may replace the frame with a plain link to our site; or, if you do not wish for users to entirely leave your own site while viewing our content, you may code the link to our page so it will open in a new browser window or tab. Failure to comply with the no-frames requirement can result in public identification of your site as an infringer of intellectual property rights. Egregious infractions will also result in prosecution under international law wherever practical.

Questions/Comments/Problems With This Site?
Unless you request otherwise, your message may also be included in our online Message Area, and/or printed in The LOWDOWN at the editors' discretion.




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