Beacon Updater

Keeping the information on your beacon up to date can be a chore, but then so is trying to maintain these lists. This form should make it a little easier for all of us. Simply fill in the blanks, and then click Send.

New Beacon Entry. Be sure to fill in all boxes below that are not marked "optional," including Postal Address. (The exceptions: Grid Square, if you don't know it; plus the Ham Callsign and Comments boxes, which are optional).

We will not publish 'anonymous' entries. We will also not look up ham calls to obtain your information, as too many past callbook/database lookups have yielded obsolete data. We want to hear the actual facts from you, directly and personally. Thanks!

Change to Existing Entry. Please fill in boxes labelled in red every time you use this form. You only need to fill in the others if there is a change, or if doing an annual update.

What Data Do We Publish? That depends on the medium. To protect your privacy, we do not publish all the information online that we do in our print edition, The LOWDOWN. Click here for additional details.

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