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WWV Geophysical Alert Message - NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center

NOAA updates this message every 3 hours; more often for alerts.

    3-Day Forecast - Text Alert System Terminology    

Additional info at The SWPC Radio Dashboard from NOAA.*
Detailed explanation of the R, S, and G Scales used by NOAA in their predictions.

*Next time NOAA moves their blessed Radio Dashboard, search their Not Found page for a new Dashboards link.

Blitzortung Live Lightning Map Real-time strike data.

GFZ Potsdam Hpo Indices (NEW) Like Kp index, but much finer time resolution.

The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report from Jan Alvestad; valuable propagation resource with solar flux, sunspot number, planetary A index, CMEs and coronal holes.

SpaceWeather.com tracks daily events on the Sun, the solar wind, meteor rates, NASA forecasts, and other astronomical phenomena.



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